6 Spirit-Filled Ways to Think about Pentecost

It’s a day for the Holy Spirit to shine.
God the Holy Spirit is near and close and within, seeking to draw us into the life-giving love of the Trinity.

The Church celebrates the life of all Christians.
We should actively work to heal divisive wounds and form authentic connections through our collective hope in Christ.
Holy Spirit

The Church calls on us to remember our shared human bonds.
We are called to be one body of believers in unity with all people of the world.

We can commemorate our Confirmation.
It’s time to reevaluate our openness to the Holy Spirit, that the grace received through our Baptism and  Confirmation may transform our lives.

God summons our unique gifts to action.
Each of us has specific responsibilities and vocations within our daily lives. By focusing more on our gifts and less on our deficiencies, we can begin to see the abundant grace that the Holy Spirit offers.

Pentecost guides us through the whole season of Ordinary Time.
We are beckoned into Ordinary Time and all the time to come, empowering and inspiring us to continually serve the world by remaining in the presence of the Spirit.



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