Anything to Learn From Coronavirus?!

Alexander the great (July 356 BC – June 323 BC), king of the ancient kingdom of Macedonia, had success unparalleled in expanding his kingdom; so much so, that he was on the verge of conquering the whole world. He died at the age of 33 of what is believed to have been a virus. If he had lived longer the world map would be different today. The Coronavirus has changed the world within a few months. We do not know where and when it is going to end. Like terrorists hijacking a plane, COVID-19 has hijacked everyone in the world to its attention. It has affected the quality of daily life. Some predict that there will be a permanent change in social life.

Liturgical celebrations are suspended; movements are restricted; people are asked to stay at home; restaurants are closed; people are losing their jobs; national and global economies are affected.

However, I am reminded of a saying – ‘blessing in disguise.’ Some good things are visibly seen at this critical time. World leaders try their best to reduce global warming. In spite of many undertakings in the past few years, not much has been achieved. But it seems that COVID-19 has done something. Because factories are closed, emissions are down, traffic by motor vehicles is practically vanished, the scientists say global warming is coming down considerably.

Spouses who were rushing for work in the early morning, now can relax; spouses who worked at different times and missed each other at home are now at home. Children, most of the day, were at child care or kindergarten. Now they have time to be with their parents and parents with their children. People have time for family and domestic responsibilities which were pending for long time.

Catholics watch Holy Mass online and make spiritual communion; they have time to read the Bible and other spiritual books. When the Mass was there some did not take it seriously; now it is not there, they look for it and want it. Charity is practiced well. Neighbors buy groceries for their elderly neighbors.

Finally, I shall end with this thought: More than the epidemic of the coronavirus, we should fear the epidemic of fear!

Let our faith be stronger than our fears! Lord Jesus, Son of God, have mercy on us.

In the Service of the Lord,
   Father Thainese Alphonse



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