Believe in the God who Believes in You

Third Sunday of Lent Once St. Teresa of Calcutta (Mother Teresa) was interviewed on American television. She said, "It is very, very important, that the families teach their children to pray and pray with them." Then she added, "And we have enough reason to trust God, because when we look at the cross, we understand how much Jesus loved us. It is wonderful to be able to come to Jesus! That's why God made Him - to be our bread of life, to give us life! And with his life comes new life! New energy! New peace! New joy! New everything! And I think that's what brings glory to God, also, and it brings peace." Then she said, "I've seen families suffer so much, and when they've been brought to Jesus, it changes their whole lives. I have also seen lives changed by the power of the cross." Have you?

Today many families suffer from various issues and problems. Children are addicted to iPhones and iPads and learn unwanted things and their life orientation changes. Their mind and conscience are formed typically in a secular way. To them, everything is subjectively correct. They don't see objectively moral principles and values of life.

The seniors (parents and godparents) witness their own children not married in the church or not even in civil marriage. The marriage. bond is not a serious thing to today's young couple. They have some reasons: benefit from the government, getting settled in life before they get married, etc.

The single purpose of the media is to promote secular life. The politicians for whom we vote push themselves in the line of secular media for their survival. On the whole, the canopy of sacredness is shrinking and narrowing day by day; at the same time secularity is increasing by leaps and bounds.

In this context, the Gospel passage gives a parallel between the bronze serpent erected by Moses to heal the Israelites bitten by snakes and Jesus raised on the cross to save mankind. The only way to get the blessings from God, as Mother Teresa says, is to bring Jesus to your life and family. Look up to the cross for good things to happen in your life. Believe in the power of the cross to be saved. Believe in the God who believes in you. Through Jesus Christ your life will be fundamentally changed.

Lent is the best time for this.

In the Service of the Lord,
   Father Thainese Alphonse



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