Bible Quiz 20 - The Gospel according to St Luke, Chapters 5 – 8 - Answers

1. After cleansing of a leper, where did Jesus go? - To desert places to pray (5:16)Bible Quiz
2. Who has authority on earth to forgive sins? – Son of Man (5:24)
3. What does Jesus mean to say “new wine?” – His own message calling for grace filled life.
4. While Matthew has compiled: “Blessed are the poor in Spirit” Luke compiled as “Blessed are you who are poor” why that change in Luke’s Gospel? – Because Luke’s audience is gentile Christians who were generally poor.
5. Regarding love of enemies, what do sinners normally do? – Just doing good to those who do good to them (6:33).
6. Why did Jesus admire the Centurion? – Because he trusted that just Jesus’ word will heal his slave (7:7).
7. Why did Jesus acknowledge the actions by the sinful woman? – Because she showed great love to Jesus (7:47).
 8. What is the produce given by the good soil? – A hundred fold (8: 8).
9. Who are Jesus’ mother and brothers? – Those who hear the word of God and act on it (8:21).
10. What is the answer given by Jesus to the synagogue official? – Do not be afraid; just have faith and she will be saved (8:50).

Thank you to those who participated in the Bible Quiz: Ms. Alberta LeBlanc, Mary Jo Beadle, Paul/Michelle Tholen & Eric Guillot, Brannon Family, Susan Legendre, Landry Family, Kathleen Louviere, Becky Wiggins, Barbara Cothron, Debbie Hannegan, Carolyn Ackman, and Albert Solet.



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