Bible Quiz 2020-06 - Answers
Bible Quiz

Acts of the Apostles 1-10 chapters
(Recommended to use New American Bible)

1. 1. How many people were present when the successor of Judas was chosen? (120 persons - 1/15).
2. What was the first miracle done by Peter? (Cure of a crippled beggar - 3/6-8)
3. What was the question raised by the high priest over the cure of a crippled man? (By what power or by what name have you done this – 4/7)
4. What was the instance that gave great fear in the early church? (Ananias and Sapphira’s lying to the Holy Spirit and their death)
5. At whose feet the cloaks of Stephen was placed? (A young man named Saul 7/58).
6. Who was reading the book of Isiah while going from Jerusalem to Gaza? (An Ethiopian eunuch – - 8/28).
7. This man is a chosen instrument of mine----------------(complete the sentence and cite the reference)      (to carry my name before gentiles, kings and Israelites- 9/15).
8. Who helped Saul to meet the disciples in Jerusalem? (Barnabas – 9/27).
9. At whose house Peter stayed in Joppa? (Simon, a tanner – 9/43).
10. What was the voice said to Peter in the vision? (Get up, Peter, Slaughter and eat -10/13).

Altogether 12 people wrote the answers, Debbie H., Rachel Torres, Kierstin & Michelle Tholen, Roland & Judy Brannon and Ella Walker, Susan Legendre, Brenda Nelson, Carolyn D. Ackman, Janice McIntyre, Carolyn Rodrigue & daughter, Agatha & Becky Wiggins, Rose Robison,
Lois Bosworth.  The first seven wrote correct answers.

In the Service of the Lord,
   Father Thainese Alphonse



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