Bible Quiz 2020-10
Gospel according to Matthew Chapter 25 -Answers

Bible Quiz

  1. Why were the five virgins called foolish? – Took their lamps, but no oil with them (25:3).
  2. Why were the wise virgins allowed into the wedding feast? – Because they were adequately equipped for their task, no more than to be prepared.
  3.  What is the meaning of foolish virgins being denied to get the oil at the last moment? – The grace cannot be obtained at the last moment. Each one must be prepared and stay awake.   
  4. What is the reward of being faithful in small matters? – Would get greater responsibilities and invitation to share in master’s joy (25:21 & 23).
  5. What is the punishment given to the lazy servant? – loses the gift he had received (25:28).
  6. What is the reward given to those who did service to the least of Jesus’ brethren? – Eternal life (25:46).

Congratulations to all participates!  All answered correctly.
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