Bible Quiz 2020-11
Gospel according to Mark Chapters 1-3 -Answers

Bible Quiz

  1. John the Baptist’ baptism is known as.. (Baptism of repentance for the forgiveness of sins – 1:4).
  2. What is the meaning of descent of the spirit on Jesus during baptism? (Anointing him for his ministry – 1:10). 
  3. What is the gospel of God? (The good news from God and God at work in Jesus Christ – 1: 14). 
  4. What are the two references in OT in which lepers were cleaned? (Nun 12: 10-15; 2 Kgs 5:1-14).
  5. Why did the scribes accuse Jesus of blaspheming? (Because Jesus forgave sins of the paralytic; according to them, God alone can forgive sins - 2: 7).
  6. Who need the physician? (The sick, here the sinners who need Jesus 2:17).
  7. To whom did the Pharisees go after Jesus curing a man with withered hand on a Sabbath? (Herodians 3:6).
  8. Precisely for what ministry Jesus appointed the twelve? (To be with him, to send forth to preach and to have authority over demons – 3:15).
  9.  With what complaint Jesus’ relatives came to seize him?   (He is out of his mind – 3: 21).
  10.  Which sin will not be forgiven? (Sin against Holy Spirit – 3:29). 

    Congratulations to all participates!  All answered correctly. John Trevino, Barbara Cothron, Brenda Nelson, Alberta LeBlanc, Sylvia Guillory, Carolyn d. Ackman, Kathleen Louviere, The Tholen Family (Eric Guillot) and Susan Legendre



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