Bible Quiz 14 - The Gospel according to Mark Chapters 10-12 - Answers
Bible Quiz

  1. What was the custom of Jesus when he saw crowds? (Teaching them – 10:1).
  2. Why did the parents bring their children to Jesus? (To touch them – 10:13).
  3. What was the advice given by Jesus to the rich man to have the treasure in heaven?    (To sell what he had, and to give to the poor – 10:21).
  4. Why did not Jesus assure the sons of Zebedee to sit right or left of him? (Because the authority of assigning places of honor in the kingdom is reserved to God – 10:40).
  5. Why did Jesus curse fig tree? (Being hungry he could not find any fruits – 11:13).
  6. To whom Jesus addressed the parable of the Tenants? (The chief priests, the Scribes and the elders).
  7. What is a denarius? (An ancient Roman silver coin, originally worth ten asses).
  8. When the dead rise, whom like will they be? (Like the angels in heaven – 12:25).
  9. Cite the reference in the OT – both first and second - of the greatest commandment?  (Dut 6:5 and Lev 19:18).
  10. Why did Jesus ask to beware of the Scribes? (Because they wearing long robes seek honor everywhere – 12:39).

Altogether 14 people wrote the answers and the first seven people wrote correctly:
Brannon Family, Albert Solet, Brenda Nelson, Tholen Family, Alberta LeBlanc. Judy Alfred and Kathleen Louviere,  Barbara Cothron, Landry Family, Janice McIntyre, Carolyn Ackman, Susan Legedre, Frances Bullard, M. Beadle.

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