Bible Quiz 15 - The Gospel according to John - Chapters 1-4 - Answers
Bible Quiz

  1. Why did John give testimony to the Light (Jesus)? - Because all might believe through him (1:7).
  2. Who sent whom to know who John was? The Jews from Jerusalem sent priests and Levites to John to know who he was – 1:19).
  3. Whom did Jesus compliment as a true Israelite? Nathanael (1:47).
  4. To the Jews Jesus spoke about which Temple? Temple of his body (2:21).
  5. What is the meaning of being born of water and spirit? Being of born of water means spiritual cleansing and being born of spirit means spiritual reborn; it refers to being reborn through baptism to enter into kingdom of God (3:5)
  6. Why did God love the world and sent his son? Those who believe in him to have eternal life (3:16).
  7. Who speaks the words of God?  The one whom God sent (3:34).
  8. Why did Jesus sit down at the well?  Because he was tired (4: 6).
  9. What is the true worship?  Worshiping the Father in Spirit and Truth (4:23).
  10. What are the stages of understanding of Jesus by the Samaritan woman?  Sir, Prophet, Messiah. 

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