Bible Quiz 17 The Gospel According to St John  Chapters 8 to 11 - ANSWERS
Bible Quiz       

  1. 1 They brought a woman caught in adultery Go, from now on do not sin any more
    2 If you remain in my word You will truly be my disciples

    Everyone who commits sin

    A slave of sin
    4 Whoever keeps my word Will never taste death
    5 What do you have to say about him He is a prophet
    6 God listens One is devote and does his will
    7 They do not follow a stranger They do not recognize the voice of strangers
    8 Making yourself God Blasphemy
    9 Messiah, the Son of God Who is coming into the world
    10 One should die for the whole nation Caiaphas

    Twenty one people answered the Bible Quiz and Nineteen wrote the correct answers. 
    Sylvia Guillory, Barbara Rivet, Barbara Cothron, Brannon Family, Judy Alfred, Albert Solet, Guillot Family, Alberta LeBlanc, John Trevino, Sr., Mary Beadle, Kathleen Louviere, Carolyn Ackman,  Amanda Beall, Landry Family, Wiggins Family, Rachel Torres, Tholen Family, Brenda Nelson & one nameless.




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