Bible Quiz 18 - The Gospel According to St John - Chapters 12 to 15- Answers
Bible Quiz

1.   How did people receive Jesus when he entered Jerusalem? (They took palm branches and cried out Hosanna – 12:13).
2.  How were the Greeks able to meet Jesus? (They went to Philip, Philip told Andrew and Andrew told Jesus – 12:20-24).
3.  Everyone who believes in me--------------- (Complete the sentence) – (might not remain in darkness – 12:46).
4.  If Peter was not allowing Jesus to wash his feet, what was he losing? (Peter will have no inheritance with Jesus -13:8).
5.  When did Judas leave the company of Jesus at the Last Supper? (After taking the morsel – 13:30).
6.  What is the meaning of Jesus’ saying “I will come back again”? (It refers to his second coming – 14:3).
7.  Who will teach the disciples everything and remind them of all that Jesus told them? (The Advocate, the Holy Spirit -14:25).
8.  Why did Jesus tell the disciples that he is the Vine and they are the branches? (So that Jesus’ joy may be in the disciples and their joy may be complete -15:11).
9.  When does the priest pray “Peace I leave with you; my priest I give to you” in the Mass (During the Communion Rite).
10.  Who will testify Jesus? (The Spirit of truth and the disciples – 15:26-27).

 Total of 21 people answered the Bible Quiz and seven wrote the correct answers. Debbie H., Judy Alfred, Alberta LeBlanc, Brenda Nelson, Landry Family, Brannon Family, and Tholen Family.




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