Bible QuizBible quiz # 29 Acts of the Apostles (Chapters 17 - 21) - Answers

  1. What was the usual custom of Paul when he went to a city/town? – On Sabbath days entering into discussions with Jews from Scriptures (17:2).
  2. What is Areopagus? – City council of Athens – (17:19).
  3. How did Paul make his living? – By making tent in the week days (18:3).
  4. Who vigorously refuted the Jews in Ephesus in public? – Apollos, a native of Alexandria – (18:28).
  5. How long did Paul hold daily discussions in the lecture hall of Tyrannus in Ephesus? – Two years (19:10).
  6. After Paul's preaching in Ephesus, what action was done by Jewish exorcists? – collected their books and burned them in public (19:19).
  7. Whom did Paul restore to life in Troas? – Eutychus (20: 10).
  8. While Paul was in Miletus speaking to the presbyters of Ephesus who asked him to go to Jerusalem? – The Spirit (20:22).
  9. While Paul was meeting James in Jerusalem what was he told to do? – As he defied the Mosaic laws he was asked to purify himself with the help of four men heads shaved (21:18-26).
  10. Where do we find the slogan "Away with him" in connection with Jesus? –At the trial of Jesus before Pilate in (Lk 23:18).

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