Bible Quiz #32 from the Book of Genesis Chapters 7-11 - Answers

  1. How long did God bring rain down on the earth? – For forty days and forty nights (7:4, 12).
  2. How many people were in the ark during the flood? – Eight (7:13).
  3. How did Noah know that water dried on the earth? – When the dove did not return back (8:12).
  4. After the flood what did Noah do for the Lord? – He built an altar and offered holocausts for the Lord (8:20).
  5. What was the sign of the covenant that God made with Noah? – Bow in the clouds (9:13).
  6. Why did God establish a covenant with Noah? – It's a promise not to have another flood to devastate the earth (9: 11).
  7. Who was first to plant a vineyard? – Noah (9:19).
  8. Why did God pull down the tower of Babel? – People constructed tower through their own efforts a bridge linking between creation and creator; it was an attempt to compete with God.
  9. What was the impact of the tower collapse? – People were scattered and a confusion of speech of all the world (11:9).
  10. Who was the father of Abram? – Terah (11: 27).     

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