Bible Quiz - Acts of the Apostles - Chapters 1-6 - Answers

  1. When will the apostles witness Jesus? After receiving the power of the Holy Spirit (1:8) bible quiz
  2. Which Psalm has reference about Judas' land bought from the money received when he betrayed Jesus? Psalm 69:26 (1:20)
  3. How did the Holy Spirit come down on the apostles? In the form of tongues as fire (2:3)
  4. How did the people respond to Peter's speech at Pentecost? What are we to do? (2:37)
  5. What did the people ask of Pilate when they handed over Jesus to him? They asked a murderer to be released and the author of life be put to death (3:14)
  6. What is Sanhedrin? Name of the Jewish highest tribunal of 71 members in Jerusalem.
  7. Who sold a piece of property and brought the money and put it at the feet of the apostles? Joseph named Barnabas (4:36)
  8. Who brought the apostles out from public jail? The angel of the Lord (5:19)
  9. Who intervened in the Sanhedrin in the case of the apostles? Gamaliel (5:34)
  10. Why was it necessary that the apostles chose the deacons? Because they wanted to devote themselves to prayer and to the ministry of the word (6:4)

 Thank you to the following participants:
Roland & Judy Brannon and Ella Walker (just celebrated her 99th birthday!), Rachel Torres, Mary Jo Beadle, Kathleen Louviere, Becky Wiggins, Brenda Nelson, Susan Legendre, The Landry Family, Julia Hepler, Jenny & Joe Guillot, Michelle Tholen, and Mrs. Alberta LeBlanc.



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