Bible Quiz - Acts of the Apostles - Chapters 7 - 11- Answers

bible quiz

  1. What was the prayer prayed by Stephen before his death?– "Lord, do not hold this against them" (7:60).
  2. How did the apostles invoke the Holy Spirit on the newly baptized? – laying hands on them (8:11).
  3. What was the text from the OT the Ethiopian eunuch was reading while traveling from Jerusalem to Gaza?
    – Isaiah 53:7-8 Suffering Servant of Yahweh.
  4. Who baptized Saul? - Ananias (9:18).
  5. After baptism, where did Saul preach first?– Damascus (9:20).
  6. Who did Peter heal at Lydda?- Aeneas (9:34).
  7. What was the name of the town where Peter restored Tabitha to life?– Joppa (9:36).
  8. Who is Cornelius?– A centurion of the Cohort from Caesarea; baptized by Peter (10:1).
  9. Where was Barnabas sent by the apostles? – Antioch (11:22).
  10. Who predicted a severe famine? – Agabus (11:28).

 Thank you to the following participants: Debbie Hannagan, Cindy & Sammy Viola, Kathleen Louviere, Christina Wallace, Mary Jo Beadle, Catherine Cali, Alberta V. LeBlanc, Julia Hepler, Landry Family, Brenda Nelson, Albert Solet, Brannon Family, Kathy Shilling, John Trevino, Sr., Becky Wiggins, Paula Oliver, Allison Cook, Gayle Robinson, Susan Legendre, Michelle Tholen, Teresa Babin

All but six answered correctly.




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