Bible Quiz #33 from the Book of Genesis Chapters 12 - 16 - ANSWERS
Bible Quiz

  1. Where did Abram build an altar to the Lord? – Shechem (12:7).
  2. What was the lie Abram told about Sarai in Egypt? – She was his sister (12:13).
  3. Why did Abram and Lot got separated? To avoid strife between Abram and Lot and their herdsmen (13:8).
  4. Who were very wicked and committed sins against the Lord? – The inhabitants of Sodom (13:13).
  5. Who recovered Lot and his possessions from Chedorlaomer and the kings who were allied with him? – Abram (14:16).
  6. Who was Melchizedek? – He was king of Salem and a priest of God (14:18).
  7. What was the response of Abram when God told him that he would make his reward very great? – What good will your gifts be, if I keep on being childless (15:2).
  8. Verse 13 of chapter 15 indicates of what? – Exiles of Israelites to Egypt.
  9. Why did Hagar run away from Sarai? – Because Sarai abused Hagar (16:6).
  10. What is the name given to the spring in the wilderness? – Beer-lahai-roi (16:14).

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