Bible Quiz #35 from the Book of Genesis Chapters 22 - 26 -ANSWERS
Bible Quiz

  1. What was Abraham's answer to Isaac's question, "Where is the sheep for the holocaust?"- God himself will provide the sheep for the holocaust (22:8).
  2. Where did Sarah die? - Kiriatharba - Hebron (23:2).
  3. Who did Abraham buy the land from to bury his wife? - Field of Machpelah in the land of Canaan (23:19).
  4. Who was Rebekah in Abraham's blood relation? - Abraham's brother Nahor's granddaughter (24:15).
  5. Where did the servant find Rebekah? In the spring.
  6. Who allowed Abraham's servant to take Rebekah as wife of Isaac? - Laban, brother of Rebekah (24:51).
  7. How old was Abraham when he died? - 175 years(25:7)
  8. What was the lie Isaac told about his wife to Abimelech? - Rebekah was his sister (26: 9).
  9. What was the place where a kind of peace accord was made between Isaac and Abimelech? - Beersheba.
  10. What is Septuagint? (Refer to January 28 bulletin.) - It is the oldest surviving Greek translation of the Hebrew Bible, traditionally believed to have been written by 72 Jewish scholars sometime during the 3rd B.C. Since Greek was the common language of the Roman Empire, the Septuagint was popular among Jews living under Roman rule.

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