Bible Quiz # 36 The Book of Genesis Chapters 27-30 ANSWERS

Bible Quiz
  1. How did Jacob deceive his father to get blessings? - Wearing the clothes of his brother Esau and covering his hands and hairless parts of his neck with the skins of the kids (27:15&16)
  2. Who took away the birthright of Esau? - Jacob (27:36).
  3. Where did Rebekah send Jacob to escape from Esau? - Laban
  4. Who is Laban? - Son of Bethel and brother of Rebekah (28:5)
  5. What is the name Jacob gave to the place where he had a dream? - Bethel (28:19).
  6. Where did Jacob meet Rachel? - When Rachel was coming with her father's sheep for water to the well (29: 9-14).
  7. Who did Jacob want to marry, and who did he end up marrying? - Jacob wanted to marry Rachel, but married Leah first as planned by Laban (29:25-30)
  8. Whom did Jacob love most? - Rachel.
  9. Who is Joseph? - Born of Jacob and Rachel (30:23)
  10. How and why did Jacob have large flocks? - Because Laban had given sturdy ones to Jacob (30:42).

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