Bible Quiz 19 - The Gospel according to St. Luke -Chapters 1- 4 - Bible QuizAnswers

1. Who is the audience of Luke’s gospel? Gentile Christians
2. What is the meaning of Theophilus? Beloved God
3. What is the meaning of the animal calf as a symbol given to Luke’s Gospel?  The calf is the animal for sacrifice; Luke saw in Jesus the sacrifice for the world.
4. Why does Luke begin the Genealogy of Jesus from Adam?    To present Jesus as the savior of whole mankind.
5. The announcement to Mary of the birth of Jesus is parallel to which incident? The announcement to Zachariah of the birth of John.
6. Mary’s Magnificat is similar to which one in OT? Hannah while dedicating Samuel to the Lord (1 Sam 2:1-10)
7. What was the baptism of John? Repentance for the forgiveness of sins. (3:3)
8. Why was John put in prison? He admonished Herod Antipas having taken his brother Philip’s wife.
9.     Jesus’ forty days of fasting recalls to which incident in the OT? Forty years of the wilderness wanderings of the Israelites during the Exodus (Dt 8:2).
10.  What is the meaning of “today this scripture passage is fulfilled in your hearing”? The time of fulfillment of OT prophecy. Luke presents the ministry of Jesus as fulfilling OT hopes and expectations (4:21).

Thank you to the following people who participated in the Bible Quiz.  Those in bold answered all 10 correctly- Ms. Alberta LeBlanc,  Mary Jo Beadle, Paul/Michelle Tholen & Eric Guillot, Roland & Judy Brannon, Kathleen Louviere, Becky Wiggins, Barbara Cothron, Brenda Nelson, Carolyn Ackman, Albert Solet




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