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Gospel according to Matthew Chapters 22- 24

 1.  Why was the man without the wedding garment thrown out of the wedding feast?  - Because he came in without change of heart and mind which is the condition for entrance into the Kingdom (22:11).
2.  What is the meaning of “To God what belongs to God”? – Repaying God with good deeds that are his due – (22:21).
3.   At the resurrection, how would we be? – Like the angels in heaven (22:30).
4.  What is the reference in the OT of the greatest commandment, the first and second
      commandments? – (Dt 6:4-5 & Lev 19:18).
5.  Why did Jesus say not to follow the example of the Pharisees? – Because they preach but do 
     not practice (23: 3).
6.  What is the meaning of “first cleanse inside the cup, so that outside also may be clean”? – Inner
     cleanliness/purity of heart is more important than the outside ritual fulfilment (23:26).
7.  Why did Jesus lament over Jerusalem? – Because they repeatedly rejected and murdered
     those whom God had sent to it (23:37-39).
8.  Who will be saved from calamities and tribulation? – One who perseveres to the end (24:13).
9.  Who knows the end of the day and hour? - Father (24:36).
10.Whom the Father will put in charge of his property? – Faithful servants (24: 46&47). 

Altogether 17 people wrote the answers and the first six people wrote correctly:
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Carolyn Ackman, Rachal Family, Alberta LeBlanc, Kathleen Louviere, Tholen Family & Brenda Nelson.


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