Bible Quiz # 23 The Gospel according to Luke Chapters 16 – 19 Bibble Quiz- Answers

1.  “What is this I hear about you” Who said this to whom? The rich man said to his steward (16:2).
2.   Why did the Pharisees sneer at Jesus? Because Jesus said ‘one cannot serve God and mammon’ and the Pharisees loved money (16:14).
3.   What is the netherworld? – The underworld, the place of the dead (16:23).
4.   What happened in the days of Noah? In the great flood the righteous were saved and the unrighteous were perished.
5.   When the Son of man comes.………….  (Complete the sentence).will he find faith on earth (18:8).
6.   Why did Jesus praise the tax collector’s prayer?- Because he humbled himself while praying (18:13).
7.   What did Jesus tell the rich official to inherit eternal life?- To sell that you had and distribute them to the poor (18:23).
8.   What was the reaction of the people when Jesus told Zacchaeus that he wanted to stay at his house?– He has gone to stay at the house of a sinner (19:7).
9.   What did the noble man tell to his servants before he went to obtain his kingship?– Engage in trade with these until I return (19:13).
10.  What is the special occasion this gospel passage “Entry into Jerusalem” (19: 28-40) is read out? On the Palm Sunday before the procession.

Thank you to those who participated. They are: Cindy & Sammy Viola, Brannon Family, Landry Family, Mrs. Alberta LeBlanc, Barbara Cothron, Becky Wiggins, Kathleen Louviere, Debbie Hannegan, Susan Legendre, Mrs. Brenda Nelson, Mrs. Carolyn Ackman, Mr. Kenny Zimmer, Mr. Albert Solet, Rachel & Fred Torres, Christina Wallace, Michelle Tholen, and Galen & Jenny Guillot



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