Bible QuizBible Quiz 21-The Gospel according to Luke - Chapters 9 to 11- Answers

  1. What are the three solemnities celebrated after Pentecost in Ordinary Time? Holy Trinity, Corpus Christi and Sacred Heart of Jesus.
  2. Verse 16 of chapter 9 foretells what action of Jesus at Last Supper? Eucharist.
  3. Who were conversing with Jesus at the time of Transfiguration of Jesus? Moses and Elijah
  4. What did John tell Jesus when someone was casting out demons in Jesus’ name? They tried to prevent him (9:49).
  5. What the apostles will have to do first, when they enter a household? To announce “Peace to this household” (10:5).
  6. What was the report of the seventy-two after their mission? Lord, even the demons are subject to us because of your name (10:17).
  7. Who was the neighbor to the robber’s victim? Samaritan (10:36 & 37).
  8. Who chose the better part? Mary
  9. What was the comment made by some after Jesus drove out demons from a mute person? By the power of Beelzebul he drove out demons (14:15).
  10. Why did Jesus pronounce words of woes to Pharisees and scholars of the law? Because they were interested only in external cleaning than inner (11:38).

    Thank you to those who participated in the Bible Quiz. Those in BOLD answered correctly. Ms. Alberta LeBlanc, Debbie Hannegan, Albert Solet, Brannon Family, Landry Family,  Cindy & Sammy Viola, Susan Legendre, Paul, Michelle Tholen & Eric Guillot, Kathleen Louviere, Barbara Cothron, Galen & Jenny Guillot, Rachel Torres, Carolyn Ackman, Mary Jo Beadle, Becky Wiggins.

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