Directing Your Friends to Jesus

2nd Sunday of Ordinary TimeA pastor met one of his members on the street who had missed Sunday Mass the previous Sunday. "What did you preach about on Sunday?" the man inquired. "I took my text from John 1 and spoke about Andrew," was the reply. "Andrew!" the parishioner exclaimed in surprise. "Why, I hardly remember him at all among the disciples. He didn't write any of the books of the Bible, did he? What made you talk about him?”

The priest smiled. "I don't suppose many people would call Andrew great, but the one significant thing about him is that every time he is mentioned in the Bible, he's introducing someone to Jesus! First we see him bringing his brother Simon to the Lord (Jn 1: 41, 42 – today’s Gospel). Next he's escorting a young lad to Jesus who miraculously used the boy's simple lunch to feed a multitude (Jn 6: 8, 9). And finally he is directing a group of seeking Greeks to Jesus (Jn 12: 21, 22). The parishioner walked away thoughtfully, for he had received a new glimpse of the importance of that unpraised apostle.

We need more Andrews in the church. We need more disciples who are directing their friends and their family to Jesus. Christ has called us to make an impact on this community. "Yes, Father, I will go." We are those who have said we would go. The question is, have we gone? Is Christ Lord of our lives? Are we having an impact on those around us?

Our parish bulletin is a good instrument to show to others and invite them to the Church. (I keep telling that). If each one of us could direct at least one person to Jesus (Church) in one’s life time, that is the greatest thing. Please give a thought to it. Invite others to experience God’s love and fellowship.

In the Service of the Lord,
   Father Thainese Alphonse



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