Do You Know The Shepherd?

    The most beautiful and meaningful comment on the life and the legacy of Pope St. John Paul II, was made by the famous televangelist, Billy Graham.  In a TV interview he said: "He lived like his Master, the Good Shepherd, and he died like his Master, the Good Shepherd."  In today's Gospel, Jesus claims that he is the Good Shepherd and explains what he does for his sheep.

    The shepherd is not only the gate of the sheepfold, but the one who tends to each and every one of his sheep with infinite care. The word "shepherd" is a synonym for selfless love, sincerity, commitment and sacrificial service. Just as a wise marriage counselor can save a marriage or a caring priest can save a soul, Jesus the Good Shepherd cares and guides us to the place that he has prepared for us.

    In our society of electronics and automated doors, we tend to think about doors as territorial barriers between "what is mine and what is yours." When Jesus calls himself the door or the gate, however, he means that he stands between life and death, guarding the gate to keep the wolves out, and thereby ensuring a safe and full life to those who enter. Just as a child experiences warmth and protection at the hands of his mother, we can experience the hand of God through his loving protection.

    A famous actor was the guest of honor at a social gathering. As people gathered around, they asked the actor to recite excerpts from various literary works. He obliged and did so brilliantly. Finally, an elderly pastor asked the actor to recite the 23rd Psalm. The actor hesitated at first and then agreed on a condition that the pastor would return the favor. The actor's recitation was brilliant and eloquent. People responded to the actor with lengthy applause. The pastor's rendition was feeble and frail. But when the pastor finished, there was not a dry eye in the house. Finally, the actor broke the silence with these words: "I know the Psalm. The pastor knows the Shepherd.", "The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want." Do you know the Shepherd? Have you found him to be good? Have you discovered he is all you need?

In the Service of the Lord,
  Fr Thainese Alphonse


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