Easter Makes us Realize – ‘God is Near’

There was a man whose hobby was growing roses. When he worked in his rose garden, he always whistled. It seemed to everyone that he was whistling much louder than was needed for his own enjoyment. One day a neighbor asked him why it was that he always whistled so loudly. The man then took the neighbor into his home to meet his wife. The woman was not only an invalid but was completely blind as well. The man, you see, was whistling, not for his benefit, but rather for the benefit of his wife. He wanted his blind wife to know that he was nearby, and that she was not alone.

That story is a wonderful illustration of the significance of Easter Day. The affirmation, "Christ is risen!" reminds us that God is near, and the experiencing of his presence strengthens us in our weakness.

May the Risen Lord be a living experience to you.

Pervading every area of your life

Blessing you, strengthening you, inspiring you,

Guiding you and supporting you.

Have a Blessed Easter!

Easter Risen Lord
In the Service of the Lord,
   Father Thainese Alphonse



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