Is God’s Presence an Embarrassment to Your Life?

January is not a common month for weddings in this country. Nevertheless, a wedding is at the center of today’s Gospel. It is at this wedding that Jesus performs his first miracle, changing water into wine. The Bible begins with one wedding, that of Adam and Eve in the garden (Gen 2:23-24), and ends with another, the marriage supper of the Lamb (Rev 19:9, 21:9, 22:17). Sadly, today, we don’t find people speaking about sacrament of marriage and celebrating it in the church.
Wedding at CanaA visible note in the episode of wedding at Cana is that Jesus, Mother Mary and the disciples were invited. If you're going to have a wedding, or any good things in a family, make sure you invite Jesus and Mary!  Invite them wherever you live and wherever you go; they are the only ones you'll ever need. 

When you feel shortages in your family lives invite Jesus and Mary to remain in your homes.  The spouses at their homes need the presence of Jesus and Mary, when their dreams are gone, mutual love is dried up, relationship becomes boring and raising up children becomes a burden draining all their energy. The awareness of their presence in the family will encourage parents to create an atmosphere of prayer, Bible-reading, mutual love and respect, spirit of forgiveness and sacrificial service at home. It will refresh and renovate family life and its boredom.
Let us follow Mary's command, "Do whatever he tells you."  This is a prerequisite for miracles in our families. To know the will of God and live accordingly, one must listen to Jesus of what he continues to teach us through the Bible. Further, one should also know the power of intercession of Jesus’ Mother Mary. It’s powerful!

Just as Jesus filled the empty water jars with wine, let us fill the empty hearts around us with love. Jesus challenges us also to enrich the empty lives of those around us with the new wine of love, mercy, concern and care.

Finally, the question is - how many of us invite Jesus and Mary into our daily lives and experience their presence? One may have abundance in material goods, but do you experience such abundance in spiritual realms? If not, a possible reason is, we often have an unexpressed and hidden fear that God’s presence in our lives may become a hindrance or an embarrassment. We have a fear that having God we may have to give up many good things in life.
I have a great concern for those who are away from God and church. In my prayer and reflection I understand perhaps such people feel that God’s presence in their lives is a hindrance or an embarrassment. They have a lot of unexpressed and hidden fear within themselves. They might think that they have to give up many conveniences to which they are used to. They all need to invite Jesus and Mary into their lives at the earliest!

In the Service of the Lord,
   Father Thainese Alphonse



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