Jesus Is Always In

    Many years ago, there lived a very poor family in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina by the name of Carpenter. The oldest boy of the family loved the outdoors and knew them well, but he didn't know much else. He was a teenager before his father took him on his first trip to the city, where he saw paved streets, skyscrapers, and electricity for the first time. The boy wanted to stay there and get an education.

    His father arranged for him to board with some family friends, who generously financed his studies when he decided to become a doctor. He graduated with honors, but declined all job offers to practice medicine in the city. He said he was going back to the mountains, where there were many sick people and few doctors.

    For many years he ministered to the sick. Some paid; most couldn't. He gave his very best and helped everyone he could. In his old age he was in broken health himself and almost penniless. Two small rooms above the town grocery store were his home and office. At the foot of the creaky stairs leading up to his office was a sign with these words: "Dr. Carpenter is upstairs."

    One morning someone climbed those stairs to find the devoted doctor had died. The entire community was plunged in grief. They wanted to erect some kind of monument to him. But they decided to simply write these words on a large tombstone: "Dr. Carpenter is upstairs."

    Jesus is the Divine Doctor of our souls. He is "upstairs" in Heaven, where he ascended after his Resurrection. But he is still alive and eager to help us through the Sacraments, the Bible, and the Church. Every time we turn to him in prayer, we climb the stairs to his office. He is the doctor upstairs - Jesus is always in. With trusting faith, you can go in; he will treat you well. Are you ready to climb the stairs?

In the Service of the Lord,
  Fr Thainese Alphonse


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