Opening up a New Vision

A young boy of  9 was sitting in his father's workshop watching his dad work on a harness. "Someday Father," said Louis, "I want to be a harness-maker, just like you." "Why not start now?" said the father. He took a piece of leather and drew a design on it. "Now" he said, "take the hole-punch and hammer out this design but be careful that you don't hit your hand." Excited, the boy began to work, but when he hit the hole-punch, it flew out of his hand and pierced his eye! He lost his sight in that eye. Later, as fate would have it, sight in the other eye failed. Louis was now totally blind.

A few years later, Louis was sitting in the family garden when a friend handed him a pinecone. As he ran his sensitive fingers over the cone, an idea came to him. He became enthusiastic and began to create an alphabet of raised dots on paper so that the blind could feel and interpret. Thus, Louis Braille in 1818 opened up a whole new world for the blind.

What is it that Jesus intends to do during his three years of ministry? It is this: To open up a whole new world for you and for me. To bring us out of our feeling of rejection, loneliness, and depression etc., that have long held us down and to restore vision that you and I have long since lost.

Week after week we hear and meditate on Jesus’ teachings on ‘how to be a good disciple of Jesus?’ On 11th Sunday, we meditated on the theme: God’s kingdom has small beginnings and it grows in our hearts. We need to keep Jesus in our life’s boat and seek his help in storms of life was the message from the 12th Sunday. And on 13th Sunday the focus was on how God overpowers the forces of evil, that is, death and illness in order to save life. In this week we hear that Jesus, unminding of his own town people rejecting him, he went about doing good for the people. When there is no faith, Jesus can’t and won’t do any good to us. Jesus opens up a new vision in our lives if we put our trust in him.

Wishing you all the best to experience a new vision in your live.

In the Service of the Lord,
   Father Thainese Alphonse



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