Renewal of Spiritual Life

During this Lenten season we have to transform our dull and sleepy spiritual life into dynamic Christian life during Lent. How? By cooperating with the grace of God, the strengthening of the Holy Spirit by prayer, fasting and sharing our blessings. What result could we expect? A renewal of our spiritual life by our Spirit-filled lives radiating Christ’s love and mercy around us. Here are some practical ways for a renewal of our spiritual lives.

1. Every sacrament we receive transforms our lives: for example, Baptism transforms us into children of God and heirs of heaven. Confirmation transforms us to brave witnesses of and warriors for Christ. Reconciliation transforms sinners to saints.

Jesus Transfiguration2. The “transfiguration” in the Holy Mass is the source of our strength: In each Holy Mass, the bread and wine we offer on the altar are transformed into the crucified and risen, living body and blood of Jesus by transubstantiation.  Just as Jesus' transfiguration strengthened the apostles in their time of trial, each Holy Mass should be our source of heavenly strength against temptations, and our renewal during Lent. Our Holy Communion with the living Jesus should be the source of our daily “transfiguration,” transforming our minds and hearts so that we may do more good, by humble and selfless service to others. In addition, praying the Way of the Cross on Fridays will bring heavenly blessings to the individuals and community.

3. Christ’s transfiguration gives us the message of encouragement and hope: In moments of doubt and during our dark moments of despair and hopelessness, pains and suffering, especially during this pandemic time, the thought of our future transformation in heaven will help us to reach out to God and to listen to his consoling words: "This is my beloved son." Let us offer our Lenten sacrifices to our Lord so that, through these practices of Lent and through the acceptance of our daily crosses, we may grow closer to him in his suffering, may share in the carrying of his cross and finally may share the glory of his second “transfiguration,” namely, his Resurrection.

In what way, "I could alleviate the pain and suffering of people around me?"

In the Service of the Lord,
   Father Thainese Alphonse



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