See the Sea Change that C brought!



No one expected that the alphabet "C" would play a Scary role...

  • Cough(C)
  • Cold(C)
  • Coronavirus (C)
  • Covid-19 (C)
  • Case (C)
  • Confirmed (C)
  • Confinement (C)
  • Contamination (C)
  • Containment (C)
  • Curfew (C)

The most serious "Cs" are;

  • Cemetery (C)
  • Cremation (C)

The problem is, it started from China (C)....

But at the same time GOD smiled, and said...

  • Cleanliness (is the remedy...)
  • Courage (is the need of the hour...)
  • Compliance to the expert advice...
  • Clarity of thought...
  • Cooperation with the fellow beings...
  • Caring for the needy...
  • and finally; the "Clearance" is awaited...

in a Short while... And definitely looking forward to a


The best Cure is through the Church

So get prepared to come to the Church.

(We wait for the direction from the Governor and our Bishop)


In the Service of the Lord,
   Father Thainese Alphonse



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St. Bernadette Catholic Church