Synodal ConsultationDuring Synodal Consultation with our various ministry groups, many ideas were noted and compiled. We are sharing ideas collected to one question this week.

Many Baptized Catholics have ceased to practice their faith. What is the best path to follow in order to bring them back to the Church?

  • We need to get personal with this who have left the Church and find out WHY.
  • Reeducate practicing Catholics, through sermons, lessons, and availability of printed media, including Pulpit to Pews and the Weekly Bulletin, to better understand Catholic truths to be able to share and encourage others to return.
  • Consider restructuring our Faith Formation program by offering classes on Sunday mornings prior to 10:30 Mass, and ending class by participating at Mass.
  • Reestablish Family Picnics or activities on Saturday mornings or after Mass on Sundays.
  • Actively invite non-practicing Catholics and others to come back to the Church through letters, pamphlets, business cards, or phone calls. While speaking at funerals or other times, Priests can invite.
  • We could create an Evangelization group where members would knock on doors on our community to check on who may have recently missed Mass,  to share the Church’s truths, and personally invite people to St. Bernadette.
  • Implement promotions of our current ministries such as KCs, Ladies Altar Society, Men’s Ultreya, and Come, Lord Jesus! Establish a youth ministry using Come, Lord Jesus!
  • Consistently update and use Internet (stbern-bv.org) and social media (Facebook - @StbernBayouVista) to welcome visitors as well as keeping our current parishioners informed.

  • Please prayerfully think about these suggestions and also consider how you can be a partner in bringing those who are away from the Church to come back to the Church.
In the Service of the Lord,
   Father Thainese Alphonse



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