Synodal ConsultationDuring Synodal Consultation with our various ministry groups, many ideas were noted and compiled. We are sharing ideas collected to one question this week.

What suggestions would you offer to increase participation of young people in the Church and increase their knowledge of the teachings of the Catholic Faith?

  • Provide funding for church parishes to offer retreats (using young    leaders) or locally host other inspirational activities.

  • For parish level groups (Knights of Columbus, Ladies Altar Society, etc.) to host youth social gatherings that include meals such as crawfish, BBQ, pizza, or hamburgers.

  • Invite parents to attend and participate in some Faith Formation classes  with their children so that they can bring lessons into the home.

  • Faith FormationRevise Faith Formation curriculum to help the youth develop a relationship with Jesus through inspirational, faith filled activities first in order for later lessons to be more meaningful.

  • Consider restructuring our Faith Formation program for all students by offering classes on Sunday mornings prior to 10:30 Mass (9:00 am - 10:15am), and ending class by participating at Mass.

  • Utilize diocese based youth programs (Life Teen).

  • Create more youth ministries.

  • Please continue to prayerfully think about these suggestions and also consider how you can be a partner to help increase our youth’s knowledge of the teachings of the Catholic Faith as well as providing encouragement for them to participate in the Church.

In the Service of the Lord,
   Father Thainese Alphonse



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