The Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph — A True Model for All Families

    The Feast of the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph was developed at the beginning of the 19th century in Canada and then spread to the entire Church in 1920 with Pope Benedict XV introducing it in 1921. This feast seeks to portray the Holy Family as the "true model of life" from which our families can know where to find help and comfort. (Vatican News)

    We are to look to the Holy Family for inspiration, example, and encouragement. In this model family both parents worked hard, helped each other, understood and accepted each other, and took care of their Child so that He might grow up not only in human knowledge but also as a Child of God. Jesus brought holiness to His family just as He brings holiness to us, by embracing us in His family.

How can our ordinary families today be like THE Holy Family?
  1. Follow God's Laws Together by putting God first, honoring the Lord's Name, keeping Sunday as the Lord's Day by attending Mass, practicing honesty, going to Confession, and receiving Holy Communion.
  2. Practice the Virtues Together by examining the ways we can grow in virtue—How can we be more patient? Generous? Affable? Obedient? Humble? Prudent? And how can we teach our children to do the same?
  3. Serve and Protect Each Other by shielding them from the spiritual dangers of the world with regular prayer.
  4. Keep Christ at the Center by praying together as a family, orienting our lives around God, and living every moment with love of God and in His service.
  5. Lead Others to Christ by spending time with them and inviting them to celebrate Mass with you.




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