Transcript of the Message from Bishop Deshotel

Bishop's Service Appeal 2021: "Bringing Hope and Healing"

This past year has been a uniquely challenging one for all of us. As part of God's work of grace in the world, we mourn with the millions impacted by an ongoing pandemic. National concerns hold our attention, and—as residents of south Louisiana—we share the burden of loss from 2 hurricanes and a call to restore and rebuild the communities we love so much. In Christ, we bring hope and healing to the hurting and the needy. The hope of eternal life may extend far beyond our homes, but the promise of restoration is a personal one, touching our families, our neighbors, our friends and our fellow Catholics.

Hope & HealingWe see it in the eyes of a familiar New Testament character, the uplifted gaze of blind Bartimaeus, his sight lovingly restored by the Savior. Jesus asks Bartimaeus: what do you want from me? Hearing his answer, Jesus opens his eyes to the world. Bartimaeus's first vision is that of his healer. We can only imagine the absolute joy of Bartimaeus in that moment, and the transformation of life as he knew it. In the name of Jesus, we too are blessed to respond to others. To diocesan communities in need, we are Bringing Hope and Healing, the timely theme of the Bishop's Services Appeal this year.

We partner with those who devote themselves to further our ministry of building a stronger Church in the Diocese of Lafayette. Through the BSA, we support thirty seminarians, knowing their preparation builds hope for the future of our Church. We support the remarkable ministry of Catholic Charities of Acadiana and their demanding Rebuilding Together effort. In ways all too clear in recent months, their work is essential in the healing process of disaster recovery.

We extend support to the Office of Communications. Thanks to their resourcefulness, the Communications team has kept us connected as a diocesan family through televised Masses, live streams of important liturgical events and by amplifying activities on social media for parishes throughout this Diocese. These communications have brought comfort and a sense of normalcy when it was needed most. And, like them, our Bereavement Ministries' staff in the Office of Marriage and Family has provided loving care to the many who long for spiritual hope and a way forward in their grief. We offer them support through the BSA, as well.

Others look to us for hope, just as Bartimaeus sensed Jesus could be the source of his healing. Those in need in area communities may silently ask, "Will you offer that hope and that healing to us?" I invite you to say, "Yes." Do all you can, Bringing Hope and Healing to those beyond your parish boundaries. Please join me and your fellow Catholics throughout the Diocese of Lafayette. Give to the 2021 Bishop's Services Appeal.

Thank you and may God bless you and protect you.

The collection for the Bishop’s Services Appeal will be the weekend of February 13th & 14th.



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