Walk Humbly With Your God...

Sometimes we get caught up in trying to figure out the specific ways God wants us to live out His will in our lives and forget that there are general things we all can do to walk in obedience to Him. Being intentional about obeying in these general areas brings us into a deeper relationship with God, which will lead to hearing His voice more clearly about other things He wants each of us specifically to do.

   God doesn't demand our obedience, but He does show us how we can walk in obedience to Him if we so choose. Throughout His word, we can find tidbits of wisdom that help us learn exactly what we can do to be sure we are obeying Him in all we do.

Here are 7 Ways Everyone Can Walk In Obedience to God:

  1. Develop a Desire to do What Pleases God
    God doesn't want us to obey out of obligation.
    - Reflect: Psalms 119:55; Psalms 51:12
    - Who is God? What has He done for you?
    - Understand God loves you
      John 3:16
    - Know that God wants what's best for you
      Deut. 10:13; Jer. 42:6b; Joshua 1:8
  2. Love God and Love Others
    Matt. 22:37-39; Galatians 6:2
  3. Walk the Walk, Don't Just Talk the Talk
    Don't be lukewarm and only go through the motions. Put your trust in Jesus.
    James 1:22 and 27; Psalms 119:101
  4. Obey God the right way
    We seek His will constantly and live life according to it, marked by honesty, character, love, and faith.
    Deut. 26:16; Psalms 111:7-8
  5. Teach Others About God
    2 Corinthians 10:5; Matthew 28:20
  6. Fellowship with the Right People
    If we have Godly friends, we are more likely to be drawn to God in obedience.
    Psalms 119:115; Psalms 17:4
  7. Obey God no matter what
    His commands are above those of humans.
    Acts 5:29; Jer. 42:6a; Psalms 119:83





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