We Are All Called to Be Saints

Believe me, don't wait until tomorrow to begin becoming a saint" (St. Therese of Lisieux). In order for us to get acquainted with heaven now, we ought to live our life as a saint on earth—by living a life of holiness.
Rev. Peter Stravinskas, who founded The Catholic Response Magazine, shared these seven elements in what living in holiness consists.
Holiness consists in:

  1. Being Childlike: "Unless you turn and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of Heaven (Mt 18:3). We must approach God as a child who accepts the loving overtures of a father.
  2. Having a strong love for the Holy Eucharist: There isn't a single saint in history who did not have a special devotion to the Eucharistic Christ.
  3. Devotion to the Blessed Mother: Our spiritual mother was given to us while Jesus was hanging from the cross. She knows the importance of a personal relationship with Jesus and wishes to take us by the hand to His throne.
  4. Doing the ordinary things in life extraordinarily well: God is not looking at who you are or what you possess. He's looking at what He can do through you. Transfer what you do from your hands to His hands. Do all for Him.
  5. Embracing the sufferings that come our way: We suffer in union with the suffering Christ. When our crosses come, we must pray for the ability to deal with them lovingly and humanly which results in an increase in human dignity, love in the world, and glory in heaven.
  6. Desiring to please God: Our fear of the Lord is to avoid sin because we know God as a loving Father whom we never wish to displease. When we desire to please Him, we are humbled because we know that He knows best and has our best interests at heart.
  7. Having a sense of humor: We are commissioned to be messengers of the Gospel, that is, "Good News." Peacefulness, calmness, contentment, and acceptance of God's will in one's life all make for genuine joy. This joy comes about because we know that the greatest battles—against the world, the flesh, and the Devil—have been fought and won by Jesus Christ. It's up to us to claim the victory. This perspective on reality gives us a real sense of humor which is needed to enter into a state of joy.




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