We Are Connected To The Living God

    Harvard University is considered one of the greatest academic institutions in America and around the world; its students have the highest SAT scores, the brightest minds. A few years ago, the President of Harvard University was asked, "What is the greatest problem you see in your university?" He said, "Emptiness! There is no meaning or passion for life. Everybody is bored - no fulfillment." Fancy titles and good credentials do not guarantee a meaningful life, even for a bright mind, unless they are connected to the Living God. When Jesus made this bold claim, "I am the Resurrection and the Life," he was connecting us to the Living God, for he is God the Son. Our existence is not filled with some run-of-the-mill expectation, but by Resurrection power. We are called to life.

    The post-modern world is witnessing more and more secularism and people are claiming to be "None religion." Neither do they belong to any religion nor are they interested to hear religious teaching. One thing they miss miserably is that we are all connected to the living God. It is because of this truth we conduct funeral services even for those who do not practice faith.

    A middle aged woman was finally convinced by her family to see an eye doctor. She had never worn glasses in her life. The doctor gave her a thorough test and asked her to return in three days when he would have her glasses ready. He fitted the glasses and asked her to look out of the window. Almost breathless, she exclaimed, "Why, I can see the steeple of our church, and it is three blocks away." "You mean you have never been able to see that steeple at that short a distance?" asked the doctor. "No sir", she said, "I never knew I was supposed to see that far." "Madam", said the doctor, "You've been going around for years, half blind!" Similarly, many cannot see the truth which God has made known to us. Our Lord is the Lord of life. Those who are connected to the Living God will have full vision and life.

   There are many who go around for years "not opening their eyes fully", and they fail to get connected to the living God. Let us realize that we are connected to the living God and there is meaning and passion for life.

In the Service of the Lord,
  Fr Thainese Alphonse


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