Who is Jesus to Me?

Today’s Gospel describes who Jesus really is and gives us the unique conditions for Christian discipleship. We need to ask - who Jesus is and what Jesus means to each one of us personally. Let me pose a series of questions:

Founder of a religion? Revolutionary Jewish reformer? One of the great teachers? Son of God and personal Savior? This can perhaps be broken down into other questions:  "How do I really see Jesus? Is Jesus a living experience for me, walking with me, loving me, forgiving me, helping me and transforming my life and outlook? What difference does Jesus make in my life?  Have I really given my life to Jesus?
  You are the Christ

Are there areas where I have excluded Jesus, where my life is not noticeably different from the lives of those who see Jesus as irrelevant? Who do we say that Jesus is through our daily life? Who do we say that Jesus is when we are in the presence of those who don't know Jesus, those who aren't interested in Jesus? What does the way we live and behave say about who Jesus is? Is the joy, the love, the peace that we find in Jesus reflected in the way we live our lives?  

Do we have enough faith to offer up a genuine sacrifice for Christ's sake? Jesus' challenge to all would-be disciples requires more than a "feel-good" spirituality. A true disciple asks, "Am I willing to sacrifice something for the God who loves me?" Can we offer even the day-to-day sacrifices asked by Jesus when they demand things we don't want to do?  Can we sacrifice our need to be in control and let Christ do with us what he will? Can we refuse to let our children watch television programs filled with sex and violence? The questions can be endless…

If we are able to give positive answers to most these questions, then we are disciples of Christ. The disciples are Christ are a breed apart from the rest of the populace. You could find in them: 1. They are happier. 2. Their families are stronger. 3. They're more tolerant of others. 4. They're community-minded - they're involved in service to others.

Who is Jesus to me? Am a disciple of Christ? My answer?

In the Service of the Lord,
   Father Thainese Alphonse



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