Without Risk - No Growth - No Betterment!

Columbus trusted his maps and calculations, considered his risks and sailed off to encounter the "new world."  Magellan based his charts and maps on the most current information then available, and boldly circumnavigated the world.  A few centuries later in their search for a Northwest Passage, Lewis and Clark set off, crossed the entire North American continent and explored the nation.

All these explorers had at least one thing in common.  They all based their momentous journeys on maps that were mostly inaccurate, hopelessly flawed or vastly mistaken. Yet each of these adventurers went ahead, accepted the risks, plunged into unknown territories and changed the world. It is precisely because of their risk-taking that the face of the planet was re-drawn and the dreams of future generations were re-shaped.  Those without the vision, without the courage to take risks, are quick to label others as crazy, crackpots, fools and failures.  Time, Galent & Treasure

In the parable of the talents this week, Jesus gives a stern warning -- discipleship does not promise complete safety. On the contrary, true disciples are called to take risks and venture beyond the known and the secure.

There is an old story about two farmers visiting over a fence in early spring.  "Jake," the first one said, "What are you going to plant this year, corn?"  "Nope," Jake replied, "scared of the corn borer."  "Well, what about potatoes?" his neighbor asked.  "Nope, too much danger of potato bugs," announced Jake. The neighbor pressed on, "Well, then, what are you going to plant?" Jake answered, "Nothing! I'm going to play it safe." In today’s Gospel Jesus tells the story of a lazy servant like Jake, who buried his talent instead of doing business with it.

Jesus wants us to learn four lessons through the parable:
1) God gives each person different gifts for his or her intended uses.  We are only asked to make full use of what we have been uniquely given and to use our talents for the benefit of the community as a whole.  (2) The better our work the greater our responsibility.  God gives more responsibilities to those who make the best use of their God-given talents.  (3) The lazy and the unproductive will be punished.  Even the person with only one talent has something to offer to others.  If he fails to do some positive good work he will lose what he has.  If he tries and fails he will meet compassion and forgiveness.  (4) God blesses generous sharers and punishes the selfish hoarders (savers).  Those who share generously the gifts they have been given are likely to find themselves constantly and immeasurably enriched, while those who jealously and selfishly preserve, out of fear, what they have been given, will lose it. 

Let us use our talents/charisms that God has given to us for the good of the family and church community; in turn you will see an abundant, grace-filled life. If you believe it’s true, please come out and offer yourself for the good of the church community.



In the Service of the Lord,
   Father Thainese Alphonse



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