Word of Thanks  

Dear Parishioners,

I am delighted to share with you “Word of thanks” which I offered on Saturday 27th of August 2022 at the 50th anniversary of our church dedication.

We are thankful to God that we are able to celebrate our church dedication in a meaningful manner. Covid hurt us very much; our Mass attendance was going down and I felt that people needed some spiritual revival. In our parish pastoral council meetings we decided that the people must be brought together and given hope as a sense of community and repose their faith in God. We believed that the 50th anniversary of our church dedication was the most fitting time for it.

As part of revival, we had two well attended pilgrimages: Charlene Richard and Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos. Just last weekend, Fr Joseph Mary Wolfe from EWTN was with us; he celebrated the weekend Masses and preached homily. In the evenings of Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, we had Adoration to the Blessed Sacrament with his talks on Eucharistic Evangelization. He spoke to us: Eucharist and Inner Healing, Eucharist and Intimacy and Eucharist and Heaven. It was beautiful to have, not only our parishioners, but those from neighboring parishes and others from far beyond benefit from his presence and talks. I am sure that these spiritual events have brought our parishioners closer as a church community. It was a meaningful preparation for this great event that we are having today.50th Anniversary

This celebration of our church became a great witness to us all because Bishop Douglas Deshotel was kind enough to accept our invitation and celebrate this Pontifical Holy Mass and preach. Thank you Bishop. We also thank Fr William Blanda, dean of South Deanery, Fr Angelo Cremaldi, Fr Barry Crochet, Fr. Richard Greene and Fr Garrett McIntyre for their presence and prayers.

Ever since we planned for this celebration, the parish pastoral council represented by 8 parish ministries very actively took up the responsibilities and did their best. I thank all the members of the Parish Council, the choir, decoration committee and all those who became part of this celebration. I have heard from some of our parishioners as well as I witnessed that various events of this celebration brought them closer to each other. Remember what I say often, “Where there is participation there is communion.” Through participation and communion, we achieve the goal of the mission given by our Lord.

I wish and pray that many more will involve themselves so that they too will be able to get the same experience in the future events that are coming soon. After final blessing by the Bishop, I invite you all for a grand reception in the hall.

Thank you all.

In the Service of the Lord,
  Fr Thainese Alphonse


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