You Must Be Related To Him

    Just before Christmas, there was a boy who was wandering through a shopping complex. He was admiring the colorful display of the Christmas gifts. A lady closely watched him moving from one shop to another. Realizing the poverty of the boy, she took him inside the shop and showed him the Christmas tree and explained to him about the meaning of Christmas. "God loves us," she said, "And to save us from our sins. He was born in a manger as a little baby. "

    Then she bought him a set of new clothes and a pair of shoes, along with some Christmas gifts and a candy and some refreshments. The little boy was thrilled. As she led him out of the shop, he looked at her and asked her, "Are you God?" "No," she replied, "I am only one of his children." "Ah!" said the boy, "I knew that somehow you were related to him."

      How are you related to Jesus? There are so many facets to your relationship with Jesus. Here are a few obvious ones: Jesus is Lord and Savior: it's a Master-servant relationship. Jesus is the Messiah, or Christ: it's a relationship between prophecy and its fulfillment in our lives. Jesus is our Teacher: it is a teacher-student relationship. He is the Great Physician: it's a healer-patient relationship.

    There is one relationship with Jesus that is different from above. Jesus loves you and you love Jesus. Every good relationship is based on love. Are you related to Jesus?

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2024.
  Fr Thainese Alphonse

A is for Adoration. Just like the shepherds and kings adored Jesus when he was born, we get to adore Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. Find at least one extra hour this Advent to go before the Lord in Adoration.
D is for Divine Word. God's word in Holy Scripture is amazing. Pre-read as you prepare to hear His Word during Mass this Advent Season. Plan to attend at least one Mass during the week this Advent.
V is for Virgin Mary. She is a perfect model of virtue for us. Ask for her intercession for protection against the evil one. Plan to celebrate her two special feast days during Advent by attending Mass on Dec. 8th & 12th.
E is for Examination of Conscience. Advent is a great time to search our souls and make straight our paths to be prepared for the coming of the Lord. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you make a heartfelt confession this Advent.
N is for Neighborliness. Look around to see those less fortunate or struggling. Offer extra prayers, love and support by being the hands and feet of Our Lord this Advent through Corporal Works of Mercy.
T is for Traditions. Create a new tradition that your family can practice each Advent season such as using an Advent wreath or Jesse tree. Do something to remind you that we are in this liturgical season that all unto itself is separate from the Christmas season.



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