Bishop's Service Appeal 2021: "Bringing Hope and Healing"

Hope & HealingThe 2021 Bishop's Services Appeal begins this month, and it is an opportunity for our parish to join together to Bring Hope and Healing to a troubled world. Your gift will make a significant impact through the direct-service programs and / ministries supported by the BSA. 100% of your contribution directly impacts vital works like seminarian education, evangelization efforts, recovery programs for those affected by disaster, grief counseling and so on. Your donation does NOT fund the administrative overhead of the Diocese.

If you have given in the past, you probably have received a letter from Bishop Deshotel asking you to support the Bishop's Services Appeal by making a financial contribution.

If you have not responded to the appeal yet, we humbly ask that you make this the year you give to the BSA. Standing together as a diocesan family, we can be a mighty force for good as we surrender to God in faith hope and love. The hurricanes of this past year, the economic upheaval, the social isolation and the sacrifices demanded of us have left some battered and even broker. We can and must bring the Good News of hope and renewal to each other and to the communities in which we live so that difficulties can be faced and overcome.

Let us ask our Lord for the strength to use this time as a moment of grace, a time of conversion, of deepening our faith, hope and love. Your gift to the BSA will be a testimony to your Catholic faith-your unwavering belief in God, your deep love for Christ and in the power of hope, our eyes fixed on the Savior and his works of mercy. Please support the Bishop's Service Appeal.

Thank you for your time and attention

Transcript of the Message from Bishop Deshotel





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